An Open Letter Concerning Gun Violence to Congressman Steve Stivers by Colin Gawel

Sir, I'm writing you from Colin's Coffee. It's a small business I run in your district and where I have become increasingly weary of opening up the morning newspaper to find yet another story of a mass shooting on U.S. soil. Though I'm no expert, it appears our current gun policy primarily benefits two groups: mass shooters and lobbyists. It seems to be increasingly dangerous and depressing for the rest of us. 

 So, if anybody on Capitol Hill has any ideas on how to put a dent in the growing domestic body count, I for one, would love to hear them. Only Congress can get this ball rolling and as we both know, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Perhaps it's time to explore a different approach to help solve this problem unique to our great country.  I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully, Colin Gawel (Parent and small business owner residing in the 15th district.)

Colin Gawel writes songs both solo and as part of the group Watershed. You can read all about it in the best selling book "Hitless Wonder-A Life in Minor League Rock n Roll" by Joe Oestreich. He owns Colin's Coffee and is the founder of . Cheap Trick is his favorite band.

To contact Steve Stivers you can call his office at 614 771 4968 or Click Here for more contact info or to find your representative.