Does Cardale Remind You of Kent Graham? Baver Answers Colin's Questions

Colin: I'm no football expert but sometimes Cardale reminds me of, gulp, Kent Graham. He has the huge arm but it tends to look a lot like backyard football out there. 1) After 3 games, do you get the sense he really knows what is going on? and 2) Does it even matter?

Brent: Compared to former OSU starting QBs, no; Cardale doesn’t seem to get it. And as of right now, no; it doesn’t matter. He’s been solid against the Bucks’ formidable opponents because the coaches have had a definite game plan in those games. But when the Bucks have faced Bliss College and the like, they have experimented more; Cardale seemed lost in those games. I am happy though with the baby steps taken against WMU.

Colin: Could Washington push Bosa to be a higher pick in the NFL draft? How many guys from this defense do you see playing on Sunday?

Brent: Adolphus is probably not a top 20 pick, but could be a 1st rounder. Bosa should be a top 5 overall pick if he keeps his nose clean. Bosa, Adolphus, Lee, and Bell definitely play on Sundays. Perry, Raekwon, and Apple should stick on NFL rosters, with Raekwon and Apple possibly going 1st round. Jury is still out on Lewis and Conley, with each having only a few starts to date. I think maybe 50/50 on Powell making an NFL roster. Schutt doesn’t have a future in the NFL.

Colin: Indiana gave us some trouble last year before Jalin Marshall almost single handily won the game for the Bucks. What do you expect this weekend in Bloomington?

Brent: They’ve given OSU trouble several times in recent years. Seems the Bucks always overlook them, but with things not going quite as planned the last 3 weeks, I think Ohio St will pick up the pace this week. I don’t think the Hoosiers keep Ohio State under 40 pts, as IU doesn’t play D and the Bucks will take another step forward on offense. I do expect Indiana to score a few pts; they have some players on O. I like the Bucks laying 21; Bucks win 41-17.

Colin: #2 ranked MSU doesn't look very scary. Unranked Michigan suddenly looks terrifying. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it. Are you getting nervous about Harbaugh and company with that sweet spot right after OSU v MSU?

Brent: Honestly? Yeah. I figured Harbaugh would field a solid team by year’s end, but didn’t see them playing this well, this early. Ohio State has not won by more than 11 points in Ann Arbor since before both of us were born… you have to go back to 1961. Sparty doesn’t look good right now, but I expect Dantonio and his boys to eventually get it going. As soft as OSU’s overall schedule is, finishing with Sparty and Michigan back to back is tough sledding.

Colin: What other teams around the country are impressing you?

Brent: I watched most of that Bama-Ole Miss game, and although Bama should have won the game, that’s a good Ole Miss team. Their WRs are so hard to match up with. If Bama gets by Georgia this Saturday, I could see Bama or Ole Miss in the playoff. If I'm Ohio State, those are probably the two teams I would least want to face down the road. Had Notre Dame not lost 6 starters to injuries, I think they were on their way to running the table in the regular season.

Colin: Give us an update on your picks so far and what games and lines will you be watching this week?

Brent: 2-0-1 against the spread last week, 8-3-1 ATS on the year. Took the Bucks giving 3 TDs against Indiana, as mentioned above. Other than Ohio State, I’ll go the underdog route, as the dogs have been good to me. I loved Iowa getting 8 at Wisky, but that line has dropped to 6.5. I will still take the Hawkeyes, as Ferentz seems to have awoken with his job possibly being on the line. And this is not a great Badger team. I’ll go against Northw’n again, taking Minnesota getting 4 in Evanston. Like the Wis-Iowa game, this looked like a better play before the spread dropped; but NW’s offense is very bad and of course faces a tough Gopher D.

Best footage of Kent Graham we could find is below. Remember that 1991 Team?