Paul Stanley Solo Record Gets Hall of Fame Nod. See, It IS Better than Ace's Solo Record. - Colin G.

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Remember awhile back when I wrote the story, "Paul's Solo Record is Better than Ace's". Well, a bunch of you Space-Acers lost your shit and, frankly, the chatter got a little nasty. As I recall, I was even kicked out of a Facebook Ace group because - though I really liked Ace's record - I just thought Paul's was better. Geez, you would have thought that I said Peter's record was the best KISS solo record....

Well, I hate to say I told you so, but look what got nominated for THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame? Yup, Paul Stanley's solo record. Not Ace's.

There you have it. Case closed. I win. Paul's record is better than Ace's. If it wasn't, how do you explain Paul getting nominated for THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame and not the Spaceman?

You can't.  

And not to run up the score, but Paul's solo album contains the best song written by any Kiss member both with the band or solo. The breathtaking "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me." (And yes, Ricki C., it's better than any power pop song the over-rated Raspberries ever churned out) 

I ask my fellow committee members to give serious consideration to the Paul Stanley solo record joining THE Pencilstorm Hall of Fame. - Colin G.  #pstormhof 

The best song on the best KISS solo record and maybe just flat out, the best KISS song ever recorded.