Prop Me Up, Man. Brian Phillips Super Bowl Prop Bet Rundown

I don't know about you, but with chaos all around I just haven't given the Super Bowl much thought this year. It's game day, though, and since Trump has made himself part of the show with a Fox News sit down let's dive in and see if we can make sense of it all. Maybe he said something about his pal Tom Brady being "terrific." 

Woah boy, they'll be walking that one back until opening day of baseball season, as he's throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals opener and says our recent invasion of Canada was like Russia in the Crimea because the Canadians wanted us there. 

I hope Trump doesn't steal one of Bob Kraft's rings too.

Yikes, getting a bit tense around here. Let's have some fun with Super Bowl prop bets to lighten the mood. I'll list the favorite in some categories that caught my eye along with a fun long shot I like for whatever reason.


Tom Brady 1/1

Devonta Freeman 22/1

Hey why not. He's a great player on a high powered offense. 

Most Rushing Yards

LeGarrette Blunt 2/1

Dion Lewis 6/1

One never knows from one game to the next who the feature back for the Pats will be. Since coming back from injury though Lewis has seen an ever increasing work load.

Most Receiving Yards

Julio Jones 8/5

Mohammad Sanu 10/1

We all know the Patriots will try to focus on your best weapon. Julio is a beast though so we'll see how well than can do that. Sanu had a nice game against the Packers. It'll probably be Jones though.

First Touchdown

Julio Jones 9/2

Tevin Coleman 14/1

I can see the Falcons involving Coleman early.

Fullback Scores First Touchdown

Patrick DiMarco 30/1

James Develin 55/1

I'd throw down a buck on both. Why not.

Steve Young's all time Super Bowl single game record of 6 TD passes is tied or broken.


That seems low, but 6 is a ridiculous number when you ponder it. That said I expect this game to be high scoring so I'd probably throw down a couple bucks on that. 

Belichick Hoodie Color

Blue 4/11

Red 40/1

It'll probably be blue. 

Joe Buck is clean shaven.

10/1. It's the Superbowl. He'll shave. 

Over/Under amount of times Troy Aikman makes reference to one of his Super Bowls:


I'll take the over.

Lady Gaga rips the President.


Trump picks:

Patriots 1/4

Falcons 4/1

There's no way he's picking Atlanta. He knows Ryan endorsed Hillary. He'll never forget. Hell he'll probably call him out for it. Can't bet on the prop though.

If Patriots win, commissioner Roger Goodell does not appear to hand them trophy:


I agree. He has to. Oh man will it be awkward. Maybe Putin should appear and hand it to them instead. Makes sense.

Ok My Score Pick:

Atlanta 41 New England 38