Oscar Nominations Announced, and Pencilstorm Unveils New Feature: Four Cents, Rob & Ricki Talk About the 2017 Oscars

The Oscar Nominations were announced Tuesday, January 24th and Pencilstorm is proud to unveil its newest continuing feature: "Four Cents: Rob & Ricki Talk About the 2017 Oscars."  

The coverage will pair Pencilstorm Movie Critic At Large Rob Braithwaite (auteur of "Buggy Eyes & a Big Butt, 366 Movies in 366 Days") offering his usual cogent, concise, succinct thoughts on films; with Ricki C., who will likely hold forth with his usual procession of skewed observations, digressions & tirades, only this time about movies rather than rock & roll.  (If anybody doubts this, you haven't casually asked Ricki, "Hey, what'd you think of "Florence Foster Jenkins?" and twenty minutes later you're trying to figure out WHY Mr. C. is blathering about The New York Dolls' first album and how it relates to "Sophie's Choice.")

Anyway, "Four Cents" will debut next week, as soon as we can get Rob & Ricki into the Pencilstorm offices at the same time, or get them to exchange e-mail addresses.   Coverage will proceed right up until the Oscar telecast on Sunday, February 26th.