Hit and Run Interview with Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - by Colin Gawel

Former Georgia Satellites frontman and current Homemade Sin bandleader Dan Baird is back at it again. Zigging & zagging his way across the USA, bringing the most legit brand of American rock n roll you could ever wish to hear. I will be attending the show at Route 33 Rhythm and Brews on Saturday March 25th. I wish I could also attend Friday March 24 at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and Sunday March 26th at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky (right across the river from Cincy). Alas, that is just too much fun for a man of my age and responsibilities. YOU, however, should plan to attend all three. Loud guitars, catchy songs and looze booze should be flowing. 

Dan was kind enough to answer a few of my questions from the Homemade Sin van as I was drinking Four String Brew in my kitchen listening to his latest record, So Low

C.G. - Did you ever see Chuck live or meet him?

D.B. - Yes, I met Mr. Berry. Shook his hand backstage and ran like hell. Didn't want to find out if the rumors of his temper were true or not. 

C.G. - What Chuck Berry songs have you covered live?  

D.B. - I played bass in an all-Chuck band. Thirty tunes, the great 28 + a few. 

C.G. - Whoa. Switching gears, you and Homemade Sin are a touring machine. Would a 20-year old Dan Baird believe you would still be playing roadhouse rock n roll?

D.B. - I might believe I'd be playing, but my 20-year old self would have been frightened of what shape I'd be in.

C.G. - What good books or shows have you been watching to pass the time on the road?

D.B. - Planet Earth 2. Listen to a Live Dead playlist from 67-72.

C.G. - What records have you been digging? 

D.B. - I really like Super 8 Motel by Jason Isbell.

C.G. At what time everyday do you choose the night's set-list? Any method to your madness?

D.B. - I pick the set in the afternoon on the drive. We just started using one. Too many new songs, can't keep a lineup in my head.

C.G. - You guys were tight with The Replacements. What was you favorite record and did you enjoy the Mats bio Trouble Boys?

D.B. - Fave record is a tie: 
Let It Be
Pleased to Meet Me

Yes, I read Trouble Boys. What a book. Not for the faint of heart.

C.G. - Final question from Biggie: Did Tom Petty nick the Georgia Satellites cover of "Something in the Air" for their greatest hits record?

D.B. - Tom asked us at a sound check if we were gonna record it. (Rick) Richards blurted out "Hell no." 
Tom smiled and asked him if he could steal the arrangement, Richards said "Go right ahead." 
Tom thanked him for his next hit.
Same thing with "Suspicious Minds" and Dwight (Yoakam). 
Figure we threw away about 2 million records in hind sight.

Big thanks to Dan for answering this super fan's questions on short notice and make sure to visit his website and never miss a chance to see him perform live. - Colin G. 

Click here for Dan Baird website. .

This band changed my life. - Colin G.