This Health Care Bill is an Act of Domestic Terror - by Colin Gawel

As loyal readers know, Pencilstorm is not a political website. We prefer to stick to serious subjects like movies, rock n roll and pro wrestling. However, I don't consider access to health care a political issue. Last I checked, sickness strikes both Republican and Democratic families. Both cancer and sprained ankles are strictly bi-partisan, so I am going to weigh in briefly with a couple of thoughts on the health care bill being voted on today in the House of Commoners.

As every single person (except one) knows, health care is a really complicated issue. Our whole system has been gradually erected on a swamp, so unless we rebuild the whole thing on a solid foundation, it's always going to have flaws. Until that day, we are always going to be propping it up. Or to put in Monty Python terms, our system is always in danger of falling into the swamp.

So let's skip the complicated stuff and save you some time. I am going to give you a quick quiz and by the end you will know if this health care bill is good for you.

Colin's Three Question Heath Care Quiz:

1) Are you under 35 years of age?  y / n 

2) Can you pay cash in advance for either your children's college education or your parents' long term care in a retirement home? y / n

3) Are you a member of Congress with guaranteed health benefits for life? y / n 

If you answered "No" on all three of these questions, this bill is a very bad idea and you need to call your representative today and voice your concerns. My rep is Steve Stivers and his # is 202 225 2015  I will be calling later and respectfully expressing my opinion. Remember, these folks work for us, not the other way around. 

And it's not like I'm out on a limb on this. The AMA and the AARP along with many prominent leaders on both sides of the aisle think this is a fiscally damaging and needlessly cruel bill capable of making life miserable for millions and millions of people. 

You don't think the AARP crosses their t's, dots their i's and even their j's when it comes to researching heath care? You bet your sweet ass they do. You want the complicated stuff?  Read this. or this   

And in closing, just to show that I too have narcissistic qualities that could one day lead me to the Oval office, I would like to quote myself. 

"Even Jesus would surely agree, to make somebody decide between their money and their life, that's as tough a chemotherapy"  - me

Colin Gawel owns Colin's Coffee and is a musician. If somehow this bill passes, he and other hard working small business owners and musicians will be really screwed. He also plays in the band Watershed and The League Bowlers. You can read about him in the book Hitless Wonder.