Lima is Alright! Cheap Trick Live Wednesday, June 12th - by Colin Gawel

Budgetwise, I always figured Lima, Ohio as more of a Foghat town. But I guess that’s not fair considering I’ve never seen a show in Lima. In fact, I’ve never met anybody who has ever seen a show in Lima. Still, the city council must have passed that hat or cut the 4th of July Fireworks expenses because Cheap Trick will be playing at the Lima Civic Center Wednesday June 12th. Click here for ticket info.

If you are wondering why Cheap Trick is playing a Wednesday night in Lima, join the club, but it’s just par for the course these days. Cheap Trick has moved into completely uncharted territory for a band of their pedigree and history. THREE NEW RECORDS in less than FOUR years plus the usual non-stop touring. No gig seems to be too big or too small. In the entire history of rock n roll, I can find nothing comparable to what Trick are doing in the later stages of their career. They are playing like a band still trying to make the rock n roll hall of fame. Heck, they have 60 more shows scheduled in 2019, including Madison, WI the night after this gig. Whew.

A very wise man once said “Everything Works If You Let It,” and Cheap Trick cannot or will not stop working. We are all the luckier for it. Catch em’ while you can. There will never be another rock band quite like them. To learn more and have some fun, just Google the words: Cheap Trick Pencilstorm. Hope to see you in Lima. I’ll be about 15 rows back having my faced melted by Tom Peterson’s 12 string bass.

Listen while you read! Click Here for a Spotify Playlist of recent Cheap Trick Tunes (and a couple Watershed too).

Colin Gawel plays both solo and in Watershed. Cheap Trick is the reason they started a band in 7th grade.