A Blog About Losing a Mom, Trying to Become a Mom

          "I Should Have Had Ten of You"

My sister Kellie has been writing this blog since August 2012 and it has gained quite a dedicated following. As a successful paralegal working in Atlanta, I have no idea how she churns out as much material as she does, but she updates constantly. In short, the blog concerns her struggling to overcome the death of her (and my) Mother from cancer while attempting, and often failing at becoming a mother herself. The writing at times is painfully personal and not for the weak of heart. But If you stick it out, it is a powerful testimonial that for some, Mother's Day isn't just May 12th, it is everyday of the year.

Click here for a link to the very first post where Kellie explains where has she came up with the title and what the blog is all about.

Colin Gawel is the brother of Kellie Caldwell and plays in the band Watershed and writes for Pencilstorm.