Just To Be Clear: Watershed Didn't Cancel, We Got Cancelled - by Colin Gawel

I've been getting lots of messages about Watershed not performing on the long-awaited bill with The Fags in Detroit Saturday night. To be clear, we did not cancel the show, we got cancelled. The powers that be decided that a hobbled Watershed was better replaced than to perform. Even just third on the bill was a no-go. Sure, Joe O. couldn't leave his wife and young kids alone with a major hurricane bearing down on his home but Herb, Biggie,Rick K., Ricki C. and myself were one hundred percent committed to putting on a first class rock show for any fan who was making the trip to Motown. After all, this is our only scheduled show this year. We were amped. You saw Biggie's cool flyers and Watershed ARMY sticker he customized for the gig? We had to make every effort to pull this off at any cost. 

In fact, as early as Monday when the hurricane was just starting to threaten our rock n roll party, Herb and I swung into gear with nightly rehearsals to put together something different (and SPECIAL) on the small chance that Hurricane Matthew would hit Joe's house in Myrtle Beach Friday night. (I guess he could have flown back Thursday, but what kind of guy leaves his family alone with that kind of uncertainty hanging over their heads? Not Joe O.)

Anyway, after some fits and starts we locked into a 18 song, 40 minute buzz-saw set with no breaks. Biggie had some cool stage ideas & lights and even a video greeting from Joe to intro the show. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Would it have been as good as Watershed with the full line-up? No. But would it have been a unique little moment that Watershed fans would have enjoyed? I would like to think so, but now we'll never know. Though I'm obviously disappointed, it isn't our show so I respect the decision. Natural disasters aren't really something anybody plans for so things get tossed around. This storm is going to take lives, pets and property. I just lost a a few hours of raucous fun. No big deal in the big scheme of things.

Anyway, It's going to be an amazing night of rock n roll with or without Watershed.  Small's is an excellent venue and The Fags are truly, truly one of the best rock n roll bands you will ever see. Click here to check out their pledge music campaign and pick up their new record. Do it!

On the upside, the new Watershed single produced by Tim Patalan is available TODAY! So check it out here or on Spotify or whatever.

In case you were wondering, this is the non-stop medley we planned for Saturday night.

The Gear: One Telecaster, One 100 watt Marshall Cabinet and a drum kit right next to me at the front of the stage, bottled beer (brand TBA)

The Players: Herb Schupp and myself.

The Set: 

Words We Say/Broken/Obvious/Small Doses/Mecurochrome/He's a Whore/Suckerpunch/Romantic Noise/Breaking the Habit/Superstressed/Nightshade/New Depression/How Do You Feel?/Hey Lydia/Manifesto/Best is Yet to Come/ Black Concert T Shirt/ Over Too Soon.

Encore: Drink more beer and watch The Fags.